If you’re meeting me for the first time, Hi I’m Tessa an award winning Saleswoman, Business Consultant & Business Growth Strategist. I have been featured in ABC,CBS,CNN, FOX News and more . I help Women Coaches and SME Business Owners create, automate and scale their businesses to 6 figures and multiple 6 figures.
I’m the Founder of Business Growth Consultants, this brand was created with a global vision in mind to support the ever growing number of Business Women so they can be location independent and take steps towards inclusive growth.
Business Consulting and Strategic Growth Coaching is my profession coming from my successful corporate career. I have a passion for helping Women to succeed in business. I have helped Women develop their brands, products and services whilst leveraging the most profit, the highest performance and the most effective productivity. 
My mission is to help thousands of visionary women 10x their growth both personally and professionally and create a life of financial freedom whilst contributing to inclusive growth. 

Tessa an expatriate of more than a decade, living studying and working between two continents whilst helping Female entrepreneurs create, automate and scale their business, through clear structured training methods. 

As a businesswoman herself, Tessa has extensive knowledge and experience of how to successfully run a business. She now works to share her skills with other aspiring Females. 

Business Consulting and Growth Strategies are Tessa’s expertise coming from a career of more than 15 years, making the transition from the corporate world to her entrepreneurial journey. Tessa is leveraging her knowledge and expertise in consultancy . Tessa has combined this with coaching and delivers a consultative coaching method that has proven highly successful for her clients.

Perhaps you are thinking what exactly is a Consultative Coach?

It’s a blend of two aspects. As well as being a business coach, they’re also an expert in an specific industry.

This allows them to offer mentality coaching AND provide solutions to your problems. A super-coach, if you will!

By combining the two, they’re able to offer quick fixes to reach your goals much faster.

So why is this so effective, and why should I hire a Consultative Coach?

  • Combining Insight and Action – Coaches generally don’t offer direct solutions to problems. Consultative Coaches do. So as well as receiving a quick fix, they’ll also guide you along as they do it. Speeding up your learning process!
  • Tailored Coaching Like a coach, they ask powerful questions and then step back as you navigate your thoughts. But because of their industry expertise, they can tailor this process to meet your specific professional needs. Supercharging your coaching experience!
  • A Smoother Process – A Consultative Coach acts as an all-round resource. You’ll no longer need to switch between your coach and your consultant.

Tessa believes your business should reflect your vision, align with your values, and fit into your expat or entrepreneurial life. 

Tessa is a valued mentor ensuring that her knowledge, experience and hard-won insight transfers from one person to another through personal interaction over time. While she says her clients own great ideas are essential to their new business, with an experienced mentor at their side, they will have one of the most powerful assets any person can ever have, someone invested in you and your success!




I can actually see my business grow now and the impact I am going to make. I couldn’t have done it without Tessa, I am very grateful to the program which has all the tools I need to move forward. If at any point I am stuck I have someone I can message and say hey this isn’t working how can I do this better.

Eduarda – Founder Write Your Story

Tessa helped me to package my expertise into a high ticket offer and showed me the exact steps to automate my processes and generate leads. Working with Tessa has been the best decision I have made. I have gone from earning $2,000 per month to $30,000.

April – Wellness Coach

I have been working with Tessa for 6 weeks and already my business is starting to flourish and get a return on my investment. In the first 3 weeks I signed a 1:1 client and in 6 weeks have doubled my prices. I am expanding my visibility, my messaging is on target & I have people messaging me constantly to work with me. I am so pleased with my success through Tessa’s guidance & leadership

Carmina- Founder La Luce

Tessa has been a significant influence in my business. A week after joining her program I enrolled my first 2 clients for my BETA program. No matter where you are in your business whether you are starting from scratch or you are looking to scale to the next level, you are going to need someone who knows the processes to help you achieve your goals.

Amy – Content Strategist

Tessa it has been a pleasure working with you. I was able to successfully execute the strategic plan you put together for our business. Your invaluable insight into a developing market has surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend Tessa as an expert in her field.

Amruta – Project Engineer

Tessa is a true professional and was able to ascertain which business model suited our international expansion. She provided a detailed analysis of the logistics and in country regulations required to get our business expansion up and running. I can’t thank Tessa and her team enough, we have already seen a ROI and are on target to achieve an additional $1,000,000 in sales revenue by the end of 2021.

Angelina – Country Team Leader – ECO World Alliance

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